The Original Late-Night Bar In PaiSince Over Ten Years

Right after the bridge over the River Pai, you will find the one and only Original Bamboo Bar.
The Bamboo Bar was the first late-night bar to open in Pai in 2546/2003.

Never having changed ownership, its name stands for late-night-all-night-every-night-alright with hot music, western and Thai kitchen, buckets of fun, big-screen TV, bonfires, cheapest drinks in town.

After 11 Years, Oh completely rebuilt the Bamboo Bar.
The bar reopened with an additional new Retsaurant.
The new Bamboo Bar & Restaurant opened on October 26 2014.

The Restaurant opens ‘just in time for dinner’ at 18:00 and serves food, far into the night. Open until 03:00 or 04:00 in the morning – often until the last guests leave for home.

We’re Waiting To Make Your Night Unforgettable …

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    Tuna With Cheese;
    Chicken With Cheese;
    Bacon with Cheese


    French Fries;
    Cashew nuts;
    Garlic Bread


    Pad Thai Chicken/Pork;
    Pad Thai Veg/Tofu;
    Pad See You;
    Noodle Soup Chicken/Pork


    Green Curry Chicken/Pork;
    Red Curry Chicken/Pork;
    Panaeng Curry Chicken/Pork;

    Thai Food:

    Fried Rice Veg/Tofu;
    Fried Rice Chicken/Pork;
    Sweet-Sour Chicken/Pork;
    Chicken/Pork Garlic Pepper;
    Chicken/Pork Cashewnut;
    Gra Pow Chicken/Pork;
    Thai Omelette;
    Tom Yum Chicken/Pork;
    Chicken Coconut Soup

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Birthday Party
Bamboo Bar Location
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114 Moo.1 T.Mae Hee Pai Maehongson 58130. Tel. 093 182 60 39
Follow the Raddamrong Rd (Opposite the afternoon market) towards the big white Buddha statue.
The Bamboo Bar is on the left, immediately after the bridge.
Geo Location: 19.356314, 98.444803
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We have our license to serve alcohol back!

Our license to serve alcohol was revoked when a police check in 2015 showed that we had served alcohol to patrons under the age of 20!
At a police check, you will be asked for your ID!

We now have our license back! Please note that (until future notice) we are not allowed to serve any alcohol after midnight. This Thai law was introduced after the coup in 2015.

  • Alcohol and Thailand: A few facts.

    Drinking Laws in Thailand:

    The drinking age in Thailand is 20. It is in the interest of bar owners to enforce this as establishments do occasionally get raided for underage drinkers and patrons under the influence of illegal substances. This doesn't mean you can't buy alcohol if you are underage. Many people do, but we heavily advise you against it - it can result in jail if the police catch you.
    Drinking alcohol is illegal in the following locations in Thailand:

    temples or places of worship
    public offices

    education institutions
    petrol stations
    public parks

    Caveats apply: for example if a ceremony at a temple requires imbibing, then it is legally permitted.
    Probably a good idea not to get hammered at a temple ceremony though. Just warning you…

    The penalty for illegally drinking alcohol at one of the above locations is 6 months imprisonment and/or no more than a fine of ten thousand baht.

We have a new cook …

When our license to serve alcohol was revoked, we closed the Bamboo Bar for a short period.
During this time, our cook moved away from Pai.

Meet the new cook.
Same as the old cook.
But better!

Just One More Thing …

We will publish news about our Happy Hour and other events here!
Please recommend the site to your friends, by clicking one of the buttons below, so that they can visit us at Happy Hour too!